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Heat Pump Services

Arc Heatpumps offers an increasingly favoured solution for homeowners seeking efficient and eco-friendly heating alternatives: heat pumps. This innovative technology presents two primary systems:

  1. Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHP): Also known as air to water heat pumps, ASHPs extract heat from the outside air. By absorbing low-temperature heat, it converts it into a fluid, which is then processed through a compressor. This process elevates the fluid’s temperature, allowing the heat to be distributed through the property’s heat emitters, such as radiators.

  2. Ground Source Heat Pumps (GSHP): Similar in operation to ASHPs, GSHPs extract heat from the ground.

Our expertise lies in designing and installing comprehensive heat pump systems in Somerset & Devon. At Arc Heatpumps, we craft solutions tailored not only to meet your home’s requirements but also to optimise energy savings. Partnering with leading global manufacturers, we ensure top-tier quality in every heat pump system we install, providing you with an assurance of excellence when you choose Arc Heatpumps. Let us transform your home heating with our cutting-edge heat pump installations.


What is a heat pump?

A heat pump is a low carbon heat source. It uses electricity to extract the heat stored in the air or ground, upgrading it for your heating and hot water.

The Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS) supports the decarbonisation of heat in buildings. It provides upfront capital grants to support the installation of heat pumps and biomass boilers in homes and non-domestic buildings in England and Wales. 

On Thursday 21 September 2023, the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero issued a change notice in accordance with BUS Regulation 13(4) to increase the BUS grant level for air source heat pumps and ground source heat pumps.

Acting on behalf of property owners, installers can apply for: 

  • £7,500 off the cost and installation of an air source heat pump 
  • £7,500 off the cost and installation of a ground source heat pump, including water source heat pumps 

The benefits

How does a heat pump work?

Heat pumps use the refrigeration process to transfer low-temperature energy from the air or ground into higher-temperature energy used for heating and domestic hot water.

Even at outside temperatures as low as -20˚C, a heat pump can supply significantly more energy than it uses – and, with no local CO2 emissions, it helps reduce impact on the environment.

In order to access this free environmental supply an energy input is required.  In a well-insulated property, every single kilowatt of electricity used to power the heat pump can provide up to 3 kilowatts of free energy.  This ratio is known as the Coefficient of Performance (CoP), in this case the CoP would be 4, meaning the efficiency of the heat pump is 400% – compare this to a boiler at 90% efficiency and the advantage is clear.

Because a heat pump is at its most efficient when producing much lower water temperatures than atraditional boiler, its important to pair it with the right heat emitter: ideally underfloor heating or oversized radiators.

Client Testimonials

Jo RutherfordJo Rutherford
16:43 14 Jan 24
We are new to the area and super pleased to have discovered Jack and his team at Arc Plumbing and Heating South West... Ltd.Jack has been spot on with his advice and resolve some tricky problem quickly and efficiently. His team arrive on time (even early!) and are quick clean workers.I Would strongly recommend Arc Plumbing and Heating and we will certainly use Jack again for any new plumbing more
Pete BuckleyPete Buckley
13:53 26 Dec 23
Sandra DohertySandra Doherty
08:41 21 Dec 23
Great service from Sam who sorted out our mysterious 'water hammer'. Lots of attention to detail and very knowledgeable.
Steve GillSteve Gill
15:19 02 Dec 23
Efficient and confidence inspiring service. Thanks Jack.
James AshJames Ash
16:14 29 Nov 23
Jack, Dave, and Ken have all been exceptional. From the smaller plumbing and heating jobs, to the fantastic job they... did installing our kitchen. Also excellent communication and thoroughly more
Stephanie HARTStephanie HART
11:56 23 Sep 23
One word to describe this company - impeccable!Impeccable trade professionals; clean, tidy and meticulous in their... skill, nothing too much trouble. Exceptionally high standard, courteous and deferred to me (the client) for all decision making. Am using them again now for bedroom and office furniture.Impeccable indeed! 🙂 A delight to have in the more
Simon HammertonSimon Hammerton
11:25 16 Sep 23
The flush pipe of one of the toilets in my father's house developed a leak, whenever the toilet was flushed. I called... arc Plumbing and Heating and was able to arrange easily an appointment for their local engineer, Jack Roberts, to attend.Jack turned up bang on time. He was friendly and efficient. He listened to my description of the problem, which he then assessed himself. Having done so, he communicated effectively the solution and popped off to get the spare part he needed. He fitted the new equipement, checked the problem was solved and that was that. All in exactly 60 minutes!The process could not have been more efficient and straighforward. If that was not enough, the bill was very competitive indeed.I live in a very old house, which has many plumbing issues. I am hugely relieved I have found such a good plumber and will be turning to Jack to get my own house in order!read more
Thomas SiskThomas Sisk
19:52 17 Jul 23
ARC is an amazing company to work with. My experience was just great when I decided on purchasing a new kitchen. Jack... offered a competitive quote for the installation and ARC has a highly skilled team comprising electricians, plumbers and carpenters working for ARC. The process was smooth. Ken, who has 10+ years installing bespoke kitchens did the lion’s share of the work, including fitting a kitchen floor and tiling. His detailed approach was needed as I live in an old cottage with uneven walls. Before I knew it a whole kitchen was installed. All the workers were respectful, kind, punctual and it was a pleasure to have them around the house. I highly recommend ARC. I had used them in the past to install my bathroom and again they dis not disappoint. Well done and a big thanks. Tomread more